A Trip To The Dentist
A Trip to the Dentist
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21 1x21 One
Original Broadcast Date May 3, 2005
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"A Trip To The Dentist" is twenty-first episode of the first season of Veronica Mars. It explains who raped Veronica Mars.

Plot Edit


Duncan tells Veronica that they're siblings.

Veronica finally learns the shocking truth about what happened to her the night of Shelly Pomroy's party when she was drugged and raped.

She's in for another jolt when she returns home to find that her mother is back, having ditched the rehab facility Veronica spent her entire college fund to pay for.

Veronica ditches Logan after finding out that he brought GHB to Shelley's party, but they later reconcile.

Aaron Echolls, who wants to show Logan that he's reformed, throws a surprise party for his son, where everyone discovers that Veronica and Logan are now together. Logan tells everyone that if they have a problem with his girlfriend, they can leave.

Veronica discovers hidden cameras in Logan's poolhouse.

Keith tracks down Duncan and returns him to Neptune. Celeste Kane suggests that he isn't due a reward because of a deal she'd made with Veronica.

Arc significance Edit

  • Logan and Luke Haldeman got GHB (also known as "Liquid X") from Mexico and brought it to Shelly Pomroy's party. Luke lent some to Dick Casablancas who wanted to use it on his girlfriend Madison Sinclair. He drugged her drink, but she, seeing Veronica, spat in it and surreptitiously handed it to her (the "trip to the dentist" of the title). Veronica ingested the drug from the drink, and Dick brought her upstairs so Beaver could take advantage of her in her unconscious state. Logan decided to create a salt lick when Veronica passed out, but Duncan stopped them. However, his drink had been drugged with GHB by Logan to loosen him up and Duncan tells Veronica that he woke up next to her, knowing they'd had sex while in their drugged state.
  • Duncan left Veronica alone the next morning because his mother, Celeste Kane, had told him she was his sister.
  • Keith goes to Las Vegas to talk to a prostitute who was with Abel Koontz at the time of Lilly's murder.
  • Everyone finds that Logan and Veronica are a couple.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Stars Edit

Music Edit

  • "Creation" - Atash
  • "Kingdom of Chemicals" - Sean Dailey
  • "The Other Side" - BoDeans
  • "This Is Not a Game" - B.A.S.K.O.
  • "I Touch Myself" - Saucy Monky
  • "I Like That" - Houston with Chingy and Nate Dogg
  • "Cemetery Party" - Air
  • "Give You More" - Taxi Doll

Production details Edit

Quotes Edit

Veronica: Remember when I saved you from drug dealers and I said I may call upon you for a favor someday?
Luke: You didn't say that.
Veronica: It was implied.

Veronica: You wrote "slut" on my car last year at Shelly's party. Why?
Madison: Because "whore" had too many letters.

Veronica: So Shelly Pomroy and I were thinking of getting together later for a little girl-on-girl, you wanna come with? Wow. You know, when you're about to soil yourself, you get a little twitch right in your eye.

Veronica: It's kinda a bad time.
Logan: Okay, so I should come back when, never? Would that work for you?

Logan: We were just going to have some fun.
Veronica: Fun, like sex with unconscious people fun?

Veronica: [voiceover] As a rule people who don't like you most likely won't help you. There were 100 people at Shelly's party. 98 of them would walk over my corpse for a piece of free gum.

Dick: Perfect piece of ass, ready and willing.
Beaver: She's not willing, Dick, she's unconscious.

Veronica: I just learned that the dream I had where you and I were in a bedroom alone was reality. Care to share some details, lover?
Cassidy: Nothing happened.

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