This article is about Veronica's Alias, Amber. For Veronica, see Veronica Mars.
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"Amber" is Veronica's quirky bimbo persona. She is the one of Veronica's many aliases that she uses to go undercover or as diversions. This is her most notable and most-used alias. She is in some way similar to Veronica before her blacklisting and Lilly's death. Sweet, upbeat, and noticeably fashionable.

She first uses this alias when a classmate, Georgia, is scammed out of $6,000. Distinctly from her usual, businesslike and sarcastic self, she suddenly perks up as she raises her voice into a very peppy pitch.

Some of her other aliases throughout the series are GamerGirl and Betty (a play on the Archie comics character), used when she infiltrated Pan High.

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