An Echolls Family Christmas
An Echolls Family Christmas
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10 1x10 One
Original Broadcast Date December 14, 2004
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"An Echolls Family Christmas" is the tenth episode of the first season of Veronica Mars. It aired, and was released, as the tenth episode, but it was intended to be the eleventh.

Plot Edit


Weevil searches for his missing poker winnings.

When the winnings of a poker game between Weevil, Duncan, Logan, and other 09ers goes missing, Veronica decides to investigate.

Keith also investigates an apparent stalker targeting Aaron Echolls seems to have before he or she ruins his Christmas party.

Arc significance Edit

  • Veronica confronts Jake Kane at the party about the surveillance photos sent to her mom. Jake denies knowing about them, but leaves while grabbing Celeste and saying, "What did you do?" to her.
  • Aaron Echolls is stabbed by a jealous former lover, which results in his wife learning of her husband's infidelity with other women.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Stars Edit

Music Edit

  • "Little Bit More" - Tony C. & the Truth
  • "Slow Hands" - Interpol
  • "Saturday Night" - Ozomatli
  • "Camp-Fire" - Starling Electric
  • "Carol of the Bells" - Rafael Padilla
  • "Little Drummer Boy" - The Dandy Warhols

Production details Edit

Quotes and trivia Edit

Veronica: Hey.
Weevil: See, there you go with that head-tilt thing. You know, you think you're all badass, but whenever you need something it's all, "Hey."
Veronica: Just be glad I don't flip my hair. I'd own you.

Logan: This is why I suggested attack dogs. But no, my mother wanted an alpaca.

[Veronica and Weevil load their plates at the elegant Echolls Christmas party.]
Weevil: Seriously, don't I just blend right in? Come on. Where's Weevil?

Logan: Ho....Ho....
[Looks at Veronica.]
Logan: Ho.

[Weevil stomps on Logan's books.]
Logan: If you're asking me to the prom again, the answer is still no.

Weevil: You're concerned? I'm the one who's gotta go up into the hills, all by myself. What if I run into a pack of you white boys, eh, on some clean, well lit street. I could be bored to death.
Logan: Fine. It's a thousand dollars in ten crisp one hundred dollar bills.
[Weevil starts to walk away]
Logan: We don't take food stamps.
Weevil: Ouch, you got me.

Logan: Do you even know how to play poker?
Veronica: No. But it must be really hard if all you guys play it.
  • The closing line, "No, Veronica, there is no Santa Claus" is a reference to the classic essay "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus".

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