Yolanda Hamilton
Physical Information
Sex: Male
Hair Color(s): Black
General Information
First Appearance: Lord of The Bling
Family Members: Percy "Bone" Hamilton (father)
Vanessa Hamilton (mother)
Yolanda Hamilton (sister)
Portrayed By: Jermaine Williams

Bryce Hamilton is Yolanda Hamilton's younger brother. Unlike his intimidating father, Bryce likes to have solace in science and technology. This makes his father favor his daughter and think of his son as soft. He also has a tendency to eavesdrop and stalk other people. When Yolanda runs away with her boyfriend, Bryce makes it look like that Yolanda was kidnapped and manipulates his father into tossing his expensive ring into a sewer drain that eventually overflows to Bryce, just to prove that he's not soft. Veronica Mars finds out eventually and he is able to prove his toughness to his father.

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