Driver Ed
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24 2x2 Two
Original Broadcast Date October 5, 2005
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"Driver Ed" is the second episode of the second season of Veronica Mars.

Plot Edit


Veronica comforts Jessie at the crash site.

The repercussions of the bus crash begin for Jessie Doyle, daughter of bus driver Ed Doyle. She wants Veronica to prove her father did not commit suicide by driving off the cliff deliberately.

Wallace also meets and greets Jackie Cook, the spoiled new girl, and decides to do a little detecting of his own.

Arc significance Edit

  • Meg Manning is the only survivor of the bus crash, but she's in a coma.
  • Ed, the bus driver, had a history of depression and Sheriff Lamb finds what appears to be a suicide note. Veronica tries to prove that he was leaving his wife, however, but Lamb doesn't listen and closes the bus crash case.
  • Baseball team owner Woody Goodman is running for the position of Balboa County Supervisor -- a position more commonly known as 'Mayor of Neptune' - and he wants Keith to run for Sheriff. After seeing Lamb refuse Jessie Doyle's pleas to reopen the bus crash case, Keith accepts.
  • A dead body washes up on the shore. Sheriff Lamb searches it and finds written on its hand is the name "Veronica Mars."

Music Edit

  • "The Minor Waltz" - Asylum Street Spankers
  • "Magic Bus" - The Who
  • "On Your Porch" - The Format
  • "Little Miss Get Around" - Lukewarm Freeda
  • "Where Is My Mind?" - Pixies

Writing and acting Edit

  • This episode guest stars noted Hollywood director Kevin Smith, who plays a convenience store clerk. Kevin Smith became famous for his 1994 film Clerks. He was also an outspoken fan of the series when it originally aired.
  • Tessa Thompson joins the cast as a series regular in this episode, though she was in the credits in the previous one.

Quotes Edit

Wallace: Whatcha doin'?
Veronica: Remembering why I'm a misanthrope.

Duane: Let me tell you something, if I was gonna do a kamikaze, you know, off a bridge with a bus full of kids and stuff, a convenience store would not be the site of my last meal. I'd wanna...I'd wanna eat something on the brink of extinction, you know, like the last emu. Or meerkat. I bet they'd go down smooth.

Lamb: What are you up to, Veronica?
Veronica: The last question, actually. "Why do you want this position?" Honestly, and really tell me the truth: how much of an ass-kiss would I be if I admit it's to be close to you? Seriously. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you're near?

Jackie]]: When you guys are done breaking up, can I get a macchiato?
Veronica: I'm actually just the hostess, but I c--
Jackie: Look, I don't care if you're the house magician. Can you just make me a macchiato?
[Veronica walks closer to the counter, staring at Jackie. She holds out her hands and makes a “Poof” gesture]
Veronica: Your macchiato.
Jackie: [to Duncan about Veronica] You know you could do better.

Jessie: You know who I am, right?
Veronica: I do.
Jessie: Just out of curiosity, did you know who I was last week?
Veronica: Nope.
Jessie: Your dad drives one bus off a cliff and your days of being under the radar are over.

Veronica: I just have all these conflicting emotions. Grief, for everyone who died and everyone who lost someone. Guilt, about Meg. The one that kills me, joy, because I'm alive. And by all rights, I shouldn't be.
Duncan: Veronica, it's not your fault.
Veronica: I'm afraid that line only works in "Good Will Hunting".

Logan: [to Veronica about Duncan and her] FYI if the cuddling is the best part, he didn’t do it right.

Goofs Edit

  • Jackie's father's grip on his car keys changes in every shot.
  • As Veronica walks away from Duane Anders at the convenience store the cup she is holding is full/empty/full between shots.
  • At 35:58 as Mr. Casablancas is sneaking up on Beaver, and again at 36:14 as Cassidy is cleaning up, you can see the boom microphone reflected in the window glass in the background.
  • As Terrence Cook enters her room at 9:44, you can see a crew member's head reflected in the mirror at the left edge of the frame.
  • In the opening shot of the episode, as the camera moves left and up to track Veronica, it can be seen reflected in the glass front of the display case.
  • This episode had an estimated audience size of 3.02 million US viewers on its first airing.[1]

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