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' 'Lilly Kane

'lily kane was the daughter of Jake Kane, the billionaire CEO of a software company and his wife Celeste Kane. Duncan Kane is her younger brother. She was murdered roughly eight months prior to the time of the show's first episode. Her murder changed Veronica's life completely and was the catalyst for a series of events that included Keith Mars losing his job, Veronica's mother Lianne Mars leaving town, and all of Veronica's friends abandoning her when she needed them the most.'Life

in her life Lilly belonged to the Kane family. Her mother was Celeste Kane, her father Jake Kane, and her brother Duncan Kane. Though she was a grade above Veronica Mars, the two became best friends. Prior to her death, Lilly had been dating Logan Echolls, but also had been in a relationship with Eli “Weevil” Navarro.

Murder & Case

Lilly's death occurred prior to the begin of the series and set up a major story arc for the entire first season. The teenager was found by the Kanes' pool, her cause of death a wound to the head that had been apparently caused by an ashtray that had been thrown into the pool after her murder. Three months after the jarring crime, Kane employee Abel Koontz confessed to murdering her. Don Lamb then found Lilly Kane's backpack and shoes while searching Abel's houseboat, backing up Abel's confession. Unti It was also revealed that Clarence Weidman, the head of security for Kane Software, called in the tip that got Abel Koontz arrested for her murder. During the first visit, Abel figured out who Veronica was, and told her that Jake Kane was her biological father. Lianne Mars and Jake Kane used to date while they were in high school. i this point, keith mars's investigation was squarely focused on the Kane family as suspects. It

Lilly Kane's head wound as seen in a hallucination had by her brother, Duncan Kane. he is husband

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