Gayle Buckley
Physical Information
Sex: Female
Height: 1.70m (5'7)
Hair Color(s): White
General Information
First Appearance: Veronica Mars (film)
Occupation(s): Employer at Truman-Mann Law Firm
Portrayed By: Jamie Lee Curtis

Gayle Buckley is an employer at Truman-Mann. She interviewed Veronica Mars as one of the potential canditates from a list of potential lawyers. She called in later to tell Veronica how she'd been accepted in their firm. Veronica was glad at first, but when the drive to solve Carrie's murder proved too strong, she started to ignore the calls placed by Truman-Mann. Her father, Keith Mars eventually told her that the firm called and told him that she was no longer wanted at the firm, saying that they only seeked those who was punctual for their job.

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