Physical Information
Sex: Female
Hair Color(s): Black
Eye Color: Brown
General Information
Episode Count: 1
First Appearance: 'The Wrath of Con'
Occupation(s): Neptune High Student
Portrayed By: Kyla Pratt

Georgia is a student at Neptune High. She works as an office aide alongside Wallace. After knocking over a few of the files Wallace had arranged, she opened up to Wallace about how 6000 dollars had been scammed out of her. Wallace brings her to Veronica for help. They manage to uncover a scam that had not only duped the victims but the people who took the money from the victims. The people who took the money whenever they met with the victims thought they had been acting, telling Veronica that they had auditioned for the role and passed. Veronica tracks two college students who had used the money they scammed people out of on technology. In the end, Georgia gets back her money. She goes with Wallace for Homecoming and rides with Veronica and Troy Vandegraffion a limo to the dance.