Grace Manning
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Physical Information
Sex: Female
General Information
First Appearance: Green-Eyed Monster
Family Members: Meg Manning (sister)

Lizzie Manning (sister) Mr. Manning (father) Mrs. Manning (mother) Niece

Grace Manning is the younger sister of both Meg and Lizzie Manning. She first appears in Green-Eyed Monster.

Character History Edit

Grace first appears while visiting Meg in the hospital with their family.

She next appears in Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner, when Duncan and Veronica are looking to investigate the emails that Meg made to Child Protective Services. Meg detailed that a boy she babysat was being emotionally abused by his parents. While looking for further clues as to the boy's identity, they stumble upon an exercise book filled with the phrase "The path of God is paved with righteousness" over and over again. Veronica enters Grace's room and finds even more of the same books in her closet, and then discovers a secret room hidden in the back of the closet. Meg had been trying to see if reporting the fact that her parents abuse Grace and lock her in a closet when they're not home, forcing her to write in the notebooks, would have any results. Although Sheriff Lamb is made aware of the abuse, comparing it to his own childhood with disgust, it is unknown during the course of the television series if the Mannings are ever held responsible for their crimes. However, due to the fact that Duncan's taking of his daughter is considered kidnapping, it could be assumed that they never paid the price.

Grace's latest appearance is in the pages of Mr. Kiss and Tell. She is attacked and left for dead at the Neptune Grand, where she was meeting her married boyfriend. Veronica is then assigned to her case. Grace incorrectly identifies her rapist as an illegal immigrant who works laundry at the Grand. The scandal causes investigation into Miguel Ramirez, which leads to his fleeing the country and two more staffers being discovered as undocumented workers and being deported. Grace tells Veronica that after she helped Duncan save Faith, she had dreams of Veronica coming back to help her, considering Veronica a hero. This, however, never happened, and as a result, Grace has doubts that Veronica will actually help her this time around, and isn't shy about saying so. Grace is also uncooperative on the front of identifying her married boyfriend. Veronica and Mac eventually use hotel footage and process of elimination to confirm Charles Sinclaire as the boyfriend, who happens to be Mac's biological father and the adoptive father of Veronica's nemesis.

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