Inga Olofson
Physical Information
Sex: Female
Height: 163m (5'4)
Hair Color(s): Brown
Eye Color: Brown
General Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle
Occupation(s): Sheriff's Department clerk
Portrayed By: Seraina Jaqueline

Inga Olofson is an employee of the Balboa County Sheriff's Department. She handled citizen inquiries, looked up records, accepted ticket payments, and other customer service needs. Veronica sometimes pretended to be Inga to glean information she could not otherwise get from other police departments.

When Dan Lamb became Sheriff, Inga was one of the employees of the Sheriff's Department who left. She had been the office manager at the Sheriff's Department ever since Veronica could remember.


References Edit

  • Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell, An Original Mystery by Rob Thomas, 2015. Chapter 34: "Inga Olofson, who'd been the office manager at the Sheriff's Department when Veronica was still a kid, sat in the front row next to her husband."

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