Le Baron
Type Convertible
Model 1994 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible
Purpose Transportation, Getaway Car

Veronica Mars

"I was looking for a White Horse" -Meg Manning

LeBaron No roof

Veronica's LeBaron with the top down.

The LeBaron is Veronica's car. Her main form of transportation, she goes around everywhere in this vehicle, may it be social, or case related. When she needs to track somebody, take money shots, or escape, the LeBaron has always been her trusty steed. Unfortunately, the LeBaron has been subjected to various amounts of damage. It's been subjected to mysterious flats caused by her classmates, accidents, and even suffered damage by the hand of the owner herself, as when Veronica crashed to knock Aaron Echolls unconscious, or when she caused it to flat to investigate a client's fiance.

It was ultimately replaced by the start of Season 3 with a Saturn.

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