Leave It To Beaver
Leave it to Beaver
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22 1x22 One
Original Broadcast Date May 10, 2005
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"Leave It To Beaver" is twenty-second episode and the season finale of the first season of Veronica Mars. It explains who killed Lilly Kane.

Plot Edit


Keith tells Veronica he's her real dad.

Dick's brother Beaver comes clean to Veronica about Logan's whereabouts the day of Lilly's murder, leading to the startling conclusion where Veronica finds out who killed Lilly and why. A terrifying series of consequences unfolds.

Keith tells Veronica that a DNA test confirms that he is her biological father.

Arc significance Edit

  • Keith gets back the test results and tells Veronica that he is definitely her father.
  • Logan wasn't in Mexico the day of Lilly's murder. He came back to Neptune to talk to her, but just left a note and a shot glass in her car.
  • Lilly and Aaron Echolls were having an affair. She found tapes of them having sex and stole them. He chased after her and when she refused to give him the tapes, he hit her with an ashtray, killing her.
  • Aaron tries to escape but is hit by a flower truck with a picture of a lily on the side.
  • Veronica confronts her mother. She knows her mother left rehab, so she asks her to leave. Lianne steals Keith's $50,000 check.

Cast Edit

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Music Edit

  • "Where the Boys Are" - Connie Francis
  • "La Bamba" - Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlán
  • "Bad Boyfriend" - Garbage
  • "Wannabe" - Spice Girls
  • "Lily Dreams On" - Cotton Mather

Quotes Edit

Wallace: My "blonde pulling me into the girls bathroom" fantasy? Ruined.
Veronica, Wallace: [simultaneously] Do me a favor?

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You can't just barge in here!
Lamb: Now, come on now. What? You've been in like, what, thirty cop movies?

Veronica: Isn't it better, like this?
Lilly: So much better.
Veronica: This is how it's supposed to be.
Lilly: Totally.
Veronica: This is how it's gonna be. From now on. Right? Lilly?

Trivia Edit

  • This was the lowest rated prime-time series to ever get renewed for a second season. It was also the only new drama to survive UPN's 2004-2005 TV season.
  • Logan's final shot is of him giving the PCHers a kung-fu "bring it on" gesture. According to Rob Thomas, this was improvised by Jason Dohring during filming.
  • We see a truck with the name Thomas written on the side, as a nod to creator and executive producer Rob Thomas. Also of note, the flower on the truck is a Lily.
  • There is a mugshot of actor/stuntman Thomas Rosales, Jr. on the wall of the sheriff's station, it can be seen when Logan calls Veronica on his cell phone.
  • The episode's title is a reference to the late 1950s/early 1960s sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

Goofs Edit

  • When Keith rams into Aaron Echolls with the crutch, Keith's right hand is down near the crutch's base. In the next shot his hand has moved up near the crosspiece handle.
  • When Keith runs into the fire to rescue Veronica, a man and a woman can be seen calmly standing behind him, presumably members of the production crew.

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