Like A Virgin
Like a Virgin
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8 1x08 One
Original Broadcast Date November 23, 2004
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"Like Virgin" is the eighth episode of the first season of Veronica Mars.

Plot Edit

Someone is leaking the results of a 'purity test' at Neptune High. Many of the leaked results are actually faked, but they're fueling rumors and gossip galore, to the detriment of both Meg Manning, Veronica's last 09er friend, and Veronica herself. She recruits Mac, a computer genius, to figure out who's making fake purity tests.


Abel Koontz reveals that who knows who Veronica is.

Veronica arranges to meet Abel Koontz. He goes along with her ruse of being a student from his hometown for a while, then reveals that he knows who she is. Then he gets under her skin by suggesting Keith isn't her real father.

Keith helps Wallace's mother rid herself of a troublesome tenant.

Arc Significance Edit

Cast Edit

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Music Edit

  • "Hands on the Money" - Kid Symphony
  • "Don't Let It Get You Down" - Spoon

Quotes Edit

[ Veronica asks Cliff McCormack about visiting Abel Koontz.]
Cliff: You crazy kids! The stuff you're into. Hula hoops, cramming into phone booths, visiting death-row inmates… what's it gonna be next month?

[Veronica reads the results of Wallace's "purity" test.]
Veronica: Wow. You are thirty percent danger-loving, girl-touching rock star!

Wallace: Why are you holding your hands like that?
Veronica: So that one day in your memoirs, you'll describe me as "inscrutable".

Wallace: I just about merc'd my mom’s crazy, no-rent-paying tenant this afternoon.
Veronica: That guy's sleazy. So I hope merc'd means something bad. You know, my dad's still got that sheriff sheen. He's great at scaring people away.
Wallace: No, I got it covered.
Veronica: Seriously, you should talk to him.
Keith: (coming in) Am I giving you the birds and bees again, Wallace?

Alicia: The fact that you helped me… even though I was awful to you, you’re a very decent man.
Keith: I’d like to think that. But really I just like tossing people out, it's kinda a hobby.
Alicia: I dunno if you’ve heard some of the things they say about you.
Keith: Oh, I know, trust me, they barely let me socialize with myself, I’m a bad influence.

Meg: I, I didn't even do anything!
Veronica: I know.
Meg: You believe me?
Veronica: Meg, you're the last good person at this school. I'd believe cartoon birds braided your hair this morning. If you want, I can find who posted that test for you. We'll clear your name and make somebody pay.
Meg: Really?
Veronica: Unless there's a fairy godmother already on it.

Trivia Edit

  • "Like A Virgin", the episode's title, is a song by Madonna.
  • A sticker of a banana on a black background is shown on Veronica's locker. This picture is the cover of The Dandy Warhols single, "We Used To Be Friends." This is the same song for the shows opening credits.

Goofs Edit

  • When Meg is trying to erase the "48" on her locker, the traces of the deleted "8" change between shots.

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