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"M.A.D." is the twentieth episode of the first season of Veronica Mars.

Plot Edit


Veronica takes incriminating photos of Tad Wilson.

Veronica's classmate Carmen Ruiz is being blackmailed by her boyfriend Tad Wilson with an obscene video of her. Veronica devises a scheme to solve her problems. Unfortunately, Tad's a little too obsessed and he has a secret that will shock Veronica. She finds out that the video filmed that Tad was threatening Carmen with in the episode was made the same night she was raped at Shelly Pomroy 's party and her and Carmen were both victims to a certain drug.

Keith decides to find Duncan after learning that his family is offering a $50,000 reward.

Arc significance Edit

  • Keith discovers the Kanes are offering $50,000 to find Duncan.
  • Mac finds out that Duncan bought an Argentinian passport for himself.
  • Keith runs a missing persons notice in the paper for Lianne Mars, so that he will be eligible for divorce, which Veronica notices.
  • Clarence Weidman shows Alicia Fennel the bug Veronica planted in his office and tells her to break-up with Keith or she will be fired.
  • Carmen can't remember the night of the party where Tad taped her. It was the same night that Veronica was raped.
  • Tad Wilson, while taped to the flagpole, admits that he used GHB on Carmen Ruiz and that he got it from Logan.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Stars Edit

Music Edit

  • "Gold Rush" - Kissinger
  • "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo" - Lobo
  • "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" - Louis XIV
  • "Tu Abandono" - X. Herrera
  • "Let's Sail Away" - Josh Kramon and Jeff D'Agostino
  • "Love Is Here to Stay" - Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald
  • "Crimson and Clover" - Tommy James & the Shondells

Production details Edit

  • This episode was originally called "Tit for Tad".
  • "M.A.D." stands for Mutually Assured Destruction; a term used by Veronica throughout the episode.

Quotes and trivia Edit

Veronica: What? I blockaded the door. I hung an "Out of Order" sign.
Logan: This is wrong. I mean, a boy in a girls' bathroom. It's just…
Veronica: So wrong, it's right?

Veronica: How long does it take you to create a highly incriminating, thoroughly libelous, sexually explicit website?
Mac: Uh… forty-five minutes, give or take?

[ Cliff examines Loretta Cancun's initial police report. ]
Cliff: "Screw you, pig." Nice. Okay, like a big girl now?

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas.
  • Veronica's threat to tell Tad's Naval Academy classmates that Tad is gay (even though he is not) is a potent one because of the US Military policy at the time, commonly known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," prohibited any non-heterosexual military member from revealing his or her sexual orientation. This policy has been in place since 1993 and was a replacement for the previous policy on the matter, which was a total ban on all homosexual servicemembers.
  • Logan mentions that the club at which his father's boat is docked is called The Albacore Club. That name, and the flag with the club logo that is seen briefly in the episode, are both references to the club with the same name and logo in the movie Chinatown.
  • Among the awards in the Echolls's house are Oscars and People Choice Awards.
  • This episode's title, "M.A.D.," refers to the geopolitical doctrine of "mutually assured destruction," in which it is assumed that neither one of two heavily armed enemies (usually nuclear superpowers) will dare to attack the other first because both possess such large stockpiles of deadly weapons that there is no scenario in which a war between them would not spell destruction for them both. The doctrine was best known during the Cold War era, when military strategists hoped that it would prevent nuclear war between the US and USSR.
  • Carmen likens her tape problem to Paris Hilton's famous sex tape. Hilton actually guest starred earlier in the season.
  • This episode had 3.04 million viewers on its first airing.

Goofs Edit

  • As Kristen Bell is getting out of the car, her shirt rides up and exposes a wireless microphone pack in the small of her back.
  • Dialogue and the time stamp from the video of Shelly Pomroy's party indicates that the party took place on Dec. 7, 2003. In "A Trip To The Dentist", Veronica refers to it as "Shelly Pomroy’s end of the year party" (which could mean either end of the calendar year or end of the school year). In "Charlie Don't Surf", Veronica tells Parker Lee the party was an "end of the year bash, summer 2004".
  • When Veronica and Logan are talking in front of the fireplace, you can see the boom mic reflected in the mirror above the mantle, going back and forth between them as they say their lines.
  • Veronica drops her LeBaron off at Weevil's uncle's shop to be fixed. But later that day, when she takes the pictures of Tad and Seth at the boardwalk, she is sitting in her LeBaron. Then the next day, Logan brings her car to her, saying he had someone pick it up from the shop that day.

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