Ruskie Business
Ruskie Business
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15 1x15 One
Original Broadcast Date February 22, 2005
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"Ruskie Business" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Veronica Mars.

Plot Edit


Trina finds out her mother's credit cards are cut off.

Veronica is hired by a Russian Internet bride that got cold feet to find the prospective husband she left, but Veronica has other things on her mind. Like Meg, who is trying to find her secret admirer. And Logan, who, instead of finding his mom, found that his sister Trina was back in town.

The Russian "bride" turns out to be part of the Russian mafia, who are trying to find the "husband," to kill him, since he is actually hidden because he's in the Witness Protection Program. Veronica and Keith manage to figure this out just in time to save him and arrest some of the mafia.

Veronica tracks her mother down in a seedy bar in Barstow, only to have Clarence Wiedman follow her there.

Arc significance Edit

Cast Edit

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Music Edit

  • "Just Another" - Pete Yorn
  • "Waiting" - Taxi Doll
  • "Ballade for piano No. 2 in F major, Op. 38, CT. 3" - Frédéric Chopin
  • "One Thing Leads to Another" - The Fixx
  • "Time After Time" - Cyndi Lauper
  • "True" - Spandau Ballet
  • "Warm Breeze" - Jeff Tatum

Quotes Edit

Veronica: Hey, you're on the basketball team right?
Wallace: You obviously haven’t seen us play, I am the basketball team.

Wallace: What is it with you girls and your girly-girl drama? What are you now? A love detective?
Veronica: Wallace, if you do this for me, we'll be best friends forever. Come on! Don't you want us to be BFF?

[Wallace, burned doing Veronica favors.]
Wallace: About this secret mission.
Veronica: What'cha got?
Wallace: A reputation as a jock-sniffer. You can B your own FF. I'm retired.

Wallace: Damn. This dog is a freakshow. He oughta be in show biz.
Veronica: You think that's some kind of a rare breed or something?
Wallace: That, or a drunk dingo had a three-way with a ocelot and a porcupine.

Meg: Well? What do you think?
Veronica: I look like Manila Whore Barbie.

Trina: [to a drunk Logan, who is dressed up as Tom Cruise in Risky Business] Logan, when did you stop wearing pants?

Trivia Edit

  • The title Ruskie Business is a play on the film Risky Business which starred a young Tom Cruise.
  • Denise Richards and Tara Reid were considered for the role of Trina Echolls.

Goofs Edit

  • Duncan holds a clipboard in his right hand that jumps to his left between shots.

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