Sabrina Fuller
Physical Information
Sex: Female
Hair Color(s): Brown
General Information
Episode Count: 1
First Appearance: Kanes and Abel's
Occupation(s): Neptune High student
Family Members: Stuart Fuller (father)
Jessica Fuller (mother)
Edwin Fuller (brother)
Portrayed By: Megan Henning

Sabrina Fuller is a student at Neptune High. She loved to study and was in the race for the Kane Scholarship against Hamilton Cho. She hires Veronica after being harassed, thinking it was her ex-boyfriend, Caz Truman because she had broken up with him. After he proves his innocence (and his love for her), she points her finger at Hamilton. He is innocent as well, but she manages to get the plate number of the car who has been harassing her: Vinnie Van Lowe, a private detective who was hired but Hamilton's father so she would lose to Hamilton if the harassment proves to affect her grades.