You Think You Know Somebody
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5 1x05 One
Original Broadcast Date October 26, 2004
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"You Think You Know Somebody" is the fifth episode of the first season of Veronica Mars.

Plot Edit


Keith breaks up with Rebecca.

Troy's dad's car is stolen and Veronica has only a limited amount of time to find it before Troy is shipped off to Albuquerque. There are just a few problems. For instance, it has a pinata full of steroids in it and the huge, scary guy who paid for them wants them back.

Keith breaks up with Rebecca James on when he realizes Veronica isn't ready to see him dating.

Arc significanceEdit

  • Troy is revealed as a drug dealer and leaves town to meet his girlfriend, who is also in on the drug scheme. However, Veronica figures everything out before he realizes it and flushes his stash down a toilet.
  • Veronica finds a safe deposit box key which leads to some of her mother's belongings. When she opens the safe deposit box, she finds pictures of herself in gun sights.
  • Veronica's mother calls her at the end of the episode and lets her know that she is okay and that 'everything will make sense when the time is right'. The call goes directly to Veronica's voicemail.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Stars Edit


  • "Such Great Heights" - The Postal Service
  • "Put Your Lights On" - Santana featuring Everlast
  • "The New Kid" - Old 97's

Quotes and trivia Edit

Veronica: Your monkey's gonna have to ride in the back.
Logan: Ha ha. Nice car. Must have been a huge cereal box.

Weevil: Baby, I'll buy you a piñata.
Veronica: Will you buy me a piñata full of steroids?

Veronica: We need to talk.
Luke: All right, well does it have to be next to the feminine hygiene machine?

Trivia Edit

  • Both Sam Huntington (Luke) and Aaron Ashmore (Troy) went on to play the character "Jimmy Olsen" in different adaptations of the Superman comics. Huntington portrayed Olsen in the feature film Superman Returns while Ashmore took over the role of Olsen on the small screen in Smallville.

Goofs Edit

  • When Troy is talking to Shauna on the phone in his dad's car, you can see the boom mic bouncing in the upper right hand corner.
  • Near the end, when Hank Zigman approaches the border, the border guard holds the sheet faxed earlier by Veronica. Under this page we see an information sheet on a certain "Raphael Bruno", which was intended to be written in Spanish. However, under the word "Atencion", we can clearly see: "All this stuff is suppose to be in Spanish, however the person who usually translates for us is on vacation, so just act like this is in Spanish."
  • When Veronica confronts Troy by the lockers, he slams his locker shut and in the next shot it is open, then shut again.

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